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Unusual (but worthy!) reasons for hiring a limousine

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We often associate hiring a limousine for events such as weddings or prom nights, for example, or getting a people carrier to get family or friends to the airport for the start of a holiday. However, there are other uses for a limousine, including some unusual occasions that you may not have thought about. High Class Limousines, which provides chauffeured limousines in the Central Coast, suggests the following:


Baby celebrations


Especially for those having their first child, if you think you are going to be nervous enough about getting mother and child safely back home, why not consider a limo? You will be able to relax and take photos to commemorate baby’s first journey while a limousine goes around to collect your loved ones and you all journey safely home in style.


Brainstorming with colleagues


Team away days can be expensive with conference room hire, and food and drink on top of that. Here’s a unique and refreshing idea: the next time you need to get together to tackle a new project or to revisit staffing and team responsibilities, think about hiring a limousine instead.


This way, the team can join you and the senior management as you travel around visiting other departments, premises or business districts, or even take a trip further afield to get out of the office.


A change of scenery and a completely different environment will help you and your team to refocus on the challenges ahead and you will all reap the benefits. Also, not everyone is physically capable of a team “outward bound” type session so this is a great alternative.


Special picnic


It doesn’t have to be a ride to a nationally celebrated outdoor sporting event, but being able to gather family and friends together and travel to your destination in style is something to consider.


You could plan this as a surprise event for someone retiring, or for a special anniversary or birthday, or even to celebrate someone’s return to health following an operation or illness. Make it a complete experience with your loved ones by kicking back in a limousine and leaving it to your professional driver to take you to a gorgeous picnic spot.


The best part is nobody needs to be the designated driver so you can all enjoy yourselves without needing to worry about how you will all safely get back home at the end of the day.


Moving house


Moving house is one of the most stressful times of your life. Once you have the finances and the legalities sorted out, you then have to physically pack and remove you and your personal belongings to the new property.


So why not arrange for a limo to collect you and the family once the removal firm guys have done their bit? After working so hard getting everything ready, you can finally sit back and arrive (in grand fashion!) at your new home, refreshed and ready to set up house.





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