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Top 5 don’ts when dealing with limousine hire companies

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As with any job there are a number of pet dislikes that crop up time and again with limousine drivers and limo hire companies. It is worth bearing in mind that while you will always be offered a professional service from a reputable limousine hire company, it is expected that customers also behave in a courteous manner as well.


At High Class Limousines, we’ve been lucky to have wonderful customers and clients, whether it’s for our luxury limousine hire service or airport transfer service, but unfortunately, not all limo hire companies can say the same. Here, in no particular order, are the top 5 don’ts when it comes to getting the most out of a limo hire experience.


Don’t be late


Your driver and his or her vehicle will have been booked out for the duration of your journey, plus additional time for any preparation and cleaning, or to allow for unforeseen circumstances.


So make sure you are on time and ready to get going because your tardiness can have an effect on the rest of the working day for your driver. While it may be acceptable to be a few minutes late, if you are someone who often cannot get themselves organised and ready to go, make sure you take steps to be punctual.


Don’t be sick in the limo


If someone does feel unwell then they must tell their driver as soon as possible, as often drivers will keep sick bags in the vehicle ready for such emergencies. Passengers throwing up due to being drunk or under the influence of drugs are a major no-no. Not only is it highly unpleasant for other passengers, but if someone is suffering from over indulgence, they could also choke and pass out, which is very serious.


Don’t demand a change in route


Once the journey has been booked in by the limo hire company, they know when and where their employee (the driver) is supposed to be. If passengers suddenly change their mind mid-journey, the driver may not be allowed to alter the route without authorisation from their head office. They also may have programmed in a set amount of time for that particular job, and a change in route may take them over the set amount of hours they are allowed to drive.


Don’t bring additional passengers into the vehicle


If a group of passengers have booked a limo, the limo company will ensure that the correct vehicle is provided for the safety and comfort of the people they are going to be driving. If a customer should bring additional passengers, and the vehicle is not suitable to take additional passengers, the driver will have to turn the additional passengers away.


And if you see a limo on the road, don’t tailgate!


Finally, it is important to remember that many limos are longer than other vehicles and that the driver is responsible for everyone in the limo. Lack of patience from other drivers when it comes to parking or driving carefully is a pet peeve for limo drivers who are trying to keep their passengers safe, so the next time you see a limousine on the road, please don’t get too close.





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