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Did you know that Sydney Airport is among the best airports in the world?

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If you’ve travelled to different airports around the world, you’ll know that they vary a great deal. Sometimes the airports are just as interesting as the cities that they’re in!


As a limousine hire company that provides luxury airport hire services to Sydney Airport and Newcastle Airport, High Class Limousines understands the important role that transportation facilities play in making an airport a good one.


Fortunately for us, Sydney Airport is among the best in the world, thanks to its winning combination of airport design and variety of facilities. Sydney Airport has all the facilities that one might need, including relaxation areas where you can book a massage and quiet prayer spaces for those in need of contemplation.


There are shops galore for travellers looking to pick up an item or three, including several shops that specialise in Australian made goods. It’s the perfect place to pick up that pack of Tim Tams that you forgot to buy for those people you’re visiting overseas!


Are you wondering which other airports make the list of the world’s best? Here are some of the characteristics of an airport that wants to take its place among the best in the world:


  • Is there adequate parking space and is it easy to access?
  • Are there enough facilities, from shopping to overnight accommodation, to suit all needs?
  • Is there free Wi-Fi and is it well signposted inside the terminals?
  • Does the airport fly to all major international destinations and does it have a domestic terminal for internal flights?
  • Does it provide efficient service and is it clean and comfortable?


Besides Sydney Airport, here are 4 other popular airports that answered yes to all of those questions:


  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia
  • Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
  • Vancouver International Airport, Canada
  • Munich International Airport, Germany


Kuala Lumpur International Airport


Visitors to the airport are often amazed at the indoor rainforest walk, complete with a boardwalk that makes for a pleasant change after sitting in a plane on a long haul flight. The main terminal is kept clean and welcoming, and there are a number of shopping options and food outlets to suit a range of palates.


Hong Kong International Airport


This incredibly busy airport boasts a swimming pool, spas, showers and gardens, all housed within a bright and airy space. It is even home to an IMAX theatre, where you can watch a variety of films screened during the day. There are 24-hour restaurants and food outlets, and everywhere is kept spotlessly clean.


Vancouver International Airport


For a friendly welcome in a well-designed and well-planned out terminal building, Vancouver is hard to beat. Be sure to check out the many art installations and displays while there, as well as self-guided tours and shopping outlets. For visitors’ convenience, there is a very efficient Canada Line that also transports you quickly and comfortably into the centre of Vancouver.


Munich International Airport


The Germans are known for their precision, punctuality, and ability to be efficient and organised. Not surprisingly, much like its people, Munich International Airport does not disappoint. Everything is run with clockwork precision but this does not mean that their welcome lacks warmth. There is a cinema and miniature golf course on site, along with a free cup of coffee for those who are able to trek down to gate 38, plus a number of free relaxation areas.


Thanks to their facilities, the airports mentioned above have a number of positive benefits for travellers who are flying both internationally and on domestic flights. And of course, to maximise the benefit of your time away, don’t forget to book your airport limo hire service for a relaxing and smooth journey that starts from the moment you step out your front door.


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Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances surrounding the current attempt to control the wide-spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the government have now implemented certain procedures to assist in the reduction of possible transmission amongst travellers and drivers.



Vehicle Sanitisation  &  Cleaning Procedures:

All vehicles are sanitised after every transfer is performed. We are focused on the strict cleaning of highly touched surfaces. These areas include surfaces such as door handles, window switches, seat belts, head rests, steering wheel, radio and air-conditioning controls, window interiors and much more. We use both antibacterial spray and wipes to help reduce the possible spread of any bacteria from one client to another. Hand sanitiser is also now available in all vehicles for client use.



Reservation Changes  &  Cancellations due to COVID-19:

As per current advice and guidelines provided by both Fair Trading NSW and by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (A.C.C.C.), any transfer bookings made for a future date that have been cancelled or suspended (including those by any Airlines/Cruise Lines) because of a COVID-19 related issue (e.g. Public Health Orders, regional lockdowns, cancelled third party events due to capacity restrictions etc), can only be eligible for a full travel credit of the amount paid, which is valid for 3 years from the date of affected travel. All changes are to be advised as soon as possible by email to bookings@highclasslimousines.com.au”.
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Should a passenger not be wearing a mask, a driver may refuse to provide service as it may be a safety risk. This does not apply to

  • children under 12

  • persons with a physical or mental health illness or condition, or disability that makes wearing a fitted face covering unsuitable including, for example, a skin condition, an intellectual disability, autism or trauma.




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