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Key questions to ask a limo company when looking to hire a limousine

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Like with all your purchases, you want to make sure that, once you’ve decided to book a limousine, you’ll be hiring from a reputable company that can be trusted to deliver as promised. You want good value for your money, and, of course, you want to know that you and your other fellow passengers will be safe when the day comes. That’s why it’s so important to get all the right information before you go ahead and make a booking. Here are some of the key things:


Length of hire time


Preparing a limo for hire can take around 2 to 3 hours. To make up for the time spent cleaning and preparing the vehicle, hirers will often impose a minimum hire period. Many will also have a minimum charge so do remember to ask the limo hire company about this.


While some companies impose a minimum hire period of three hours, High Class Limousines only requires that our customers hire our limousines for a minimum period of one hour. This makes us perfect for both special occasions that require only a quick trip, and easier on your wallet – shorter periods mean lower costs!




Having asked about minimum charges, you also need to know if there are any “hidden extras”, as well as how to pay. Once you have asked for a written quotation and any deposit costs, then you need to check what is included in the hire agreement. Do you have to pay for flowers if you’re hiring a wedding limo, for example?


Occasionally, you might come across a limousine hire company that leases out their vehicles without an accompanying driver. If that is the case, ask whether a driver is included in your cost. At High Class Limousines, however, all of our limos come with a professional and experienced hire car driver so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Age and number of vehicles


What happens if your limousine breaks down? You need to know they can supply a backup vehicle of similar type and size to the one you ordered. You will also get a feel for the overall business if you know the rough size of the fleet and find out whether there is a mixture of old and newer vehicles.


At the same time, do ask how long the company has been in business and if this is the main occupation of the hirer. In addition, ask them if they can guarantee that you will get the limo you ordered.


Visual checks


Finally, depending on where the business is located, ask to see a number of items on-site. First of all you need to ask if you can view the limos they are hiring out, and if you can visit their premises. Obviously a busy firm will have a number of limos out on the road, but you should be able to see some of the vehicles that they hire out. This will also help you with deciding which type of limo you need, particularly if you can check out the luggage space or passenger seats.


At High Class Limousines, which provides chauffeured limousines in the Central Coast, we believe that part of being a good limo hire company is being able to answer any and all our customers’ questions. Always make sure that you do your homework before signing on the dotted line!





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